All They Can Eat Ice Cream

All They Can Eat Ice Cream

This is one of our favorites! The kids think it’s ice cream, because it totally tastes like it, but really it’s just blended up fruit, so they can eat as much as they want!


Frozen Bananas
1 Tbsp honey (only if you don’t use super ripe bananas)
Milk (enough to make it move in the blender)

Place all ingredients in the blender.

The Frozen bananas make an amazing base. I kinda hate bananas, but some magic happens in the blender, and makes it not taste like bananas. If you need to, you can replace the bananas with frozen peaches. For the flavor of the ice cream, you can use whatever berries or fruit you are feeling. We have also made pistachio ice cream and we loved it!

If you accidentally make your ice cream too liquid, you can just put it all back in the freezer for an hour or so and it will work its magic and fix it for you.


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banana ice cream
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