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Fun Friday - How to Make Gracie's Famous Pizza

Fun Friday - How to Make Gracie's Famous Pizza

We are starting a new feature called #FunFriday. At our house, Fridays are our favorite day. The kids get home from school, and all work is off the table. We make food together, have fun, and then watch a movie together as a family. We will be sharing some of our favorite family friendly foods over here on Fridays. Let’s start with a family favorite.

The boys in my family call this the best pizza they have ever tasted. Even putting the most delicious Italian Pizza, from Italy in second place to this pizza. My son will often request Gracie’s pizza. He has done it often enough that I know he really means it now, and isn’t just trying to be nice to her. Because he’s really sweet like that.

What is the secret? Probably way too much cheese and pepperoni. But really, a whole lot of love. (And maybe some germs… because kids are cooking…)

For Fun Friday, we are sharing the best pizza you will ever taste… according to my 9 year old.



Sauce - (you can probably just buy some, but this is the way we do it)
Tomatoes (0.5 - 1 per pizza)
Water - Just enough to make your blender not mad at you.
An onion
A little bit of garlic
Basil - Fresh is best, but i usually use the dried stuff.
Oregano - Fresh is probably best, but I have killed every single oregano plant I have tried to grow… and my dad is a farmer. 🙈 Sorry, Dad!
Any other spices you feel like using - Italian seasoning seems like a good choice.

Buy the pre-made dough from the grocery store - don’t complicate your life.

More cheese than you feel comfortable with
Whatever else you like - some people say don’t use pineapple 🤷 



  1. Preheat the oven to 425 F or 218 C

  2. Blend sauce ingredients together.

  3. Warm a little bit of oil in a pan, and simmer the sauce until it turns bright red. Or until your kids are screaming for it, and then you give it to them, whether it’s done or not. It cooks in the oven, right?

  4. While the sauce is simmering, watch your kids roll out the pizza dough. If you watch them, it takes longer, so you don’t have to entertain them for as long.

  5. Finish rolling out the dough.

  6. Pour the sauce on the strangely shaped dough, and let the kids spread it around.

  7. Let them go wild with the toppings. Just don’t watch.

  8. When they are done, throw it in the oven for 20ish minutes until the cheese browns and bubbles. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, let your kids put it in the oven for you.

  9. Turn on the oven light, so they can check on it themselves instead of asking you about it every 29 seconds.

  10. Enjoy “the best pizza ever” while you do something fun. We usually watch a great movie on Fun Friday.

The color turns dark red when the sauce is ready.

The color turns dark red when the sauce is ready.

throwing dough.jpg
Finished Pizza. It might not be pretty, but the kids will LOVE it!

Finished Pizza. It might not be pretty, but the kids will LOVE it!


I call them “Chef” throughout the entire process. I don’t know what it is about it, but it really makes the experience so stinking fun. They feels like they are in control, and the completely owns this process. It is one of my favorite things ever.

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