Easter Monday

Teaching and Cleansing

Christ knows He is in his final days on earth. He spends his time teaching powerful parables to all those who will hear him. Imagine the pressure He is feeling as He knows His work is almost done. He wants to make sure He can reach as many as possible.

READ: Mathew 21:18-46

He healed the blind and lame. He curses the fig tree. Teaches that whatever we ask for in faith, we will receive. He also teaches that our faith can move mountains.

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive...png


Choose one of His teachings and talk about them as a family.

Potential discussion topics:

  • How can we develop faith enough to move mountains?

  • Why did He curse the fig tree?

  • What can I ask for in my prayers?

  • How can I increase my faith when I pray?